Hailing from a long line of bakers, Alison Okabayashi grew up with butter, sugar, eggs, and flour running through her veins.

After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Sociology and Education, Alison found herself baking for her friends and family more than ever, and so decided to attend the California Culinary Institute’s Baking and Pastry Arts program to turn those baking genes into a fulfilling career. While there, she and a fellow student fell in love with wedding cake baking and design, and thus, TwoForTwoCakes was born.

Their idea was simple but surprisingly revolutionary: to create wedding cakes that truly tasted as fabulous as they looked, without costing a small fortune. They felt that both elements were indispensable to a successful wedding cake, and that no bride or groom should have to sacrifice one for the other.

TwoForTwoCakes is now solely owned and operated by Alison, who has grown the small company into one of the best in the Bay Area. After five years of both managing TwoForTwo and running an after school program in Berkeley, Alison is finally baking full-time, making those cake dreams come true!

Her aesthetic is clean and classic, and always a delicious interpretation of the happy couple’s vision. This combined with a passion for creating new flavor combinations and design techniques, puts Alison and TwoForTwoCakes in the top tier of wedding cake makers!